Swastika Jali Door Mandir

PM45 - Swastika Jali Door Mandir .png


  • Wooden carved bi fold doors  open outwards

  • Doors with lattice jali work on top panel

  • Archway above door area

  • Top crown area with central flower and elephant carvings

  • Lower panel of doors with carving of gods: Ganesha and Saraswati

  • Any size from 100 to 200cm wide

  • Base storage area 30-70cm ht

  • North Indian style shikara 3 tower roof

  • Four pillars

  • Side windows with lattice carving

  • NOTE: Can be made in any colour. Colour in image Baltic Pine

Customisation Options

  • Brass bells on side and/or  front

  • Single/double/ triple step stage for gods

  • LED multi colour remote light/downlights

  • Chandelier light in roof centre

  • Puja floor with rangoli

  • Back panel inside carving

  • Side windows with lattice jali

  • Om/Kailash symbols on top of mandir

  • Drawers or cupboard in storage area

  • Pull out tray for aarti

  • Special finish: White/ Gold

  • Carved feet or plain feet


  • $2700 onwards

  • *Final price depends on the size selected & custom options ie; bells, stage, extra carving etc.