Product Note:

These are custom made mandirs, therefore price is determined by size and custom features included.

Price of mandir in image:

    • Mandir in image is 120cm wide x 55cm deep x 175cm high.
    • Price: $3700
    • Standard features: Special beautifully carved background panel with back lighting. Full flower carving on doors, gopuram and mandir, 4 door model, space saver folding doors, downlights x 2 in mandir, pull out tray for arti, lower area storage, brass bells, custom carvings and polish colour.

Bigger or smaller sizes also available on order (60cm wide upto 200cm wide):

  • 100cm wide $3600
    • 4 door model. Space saver folding doors
  •  80cm wide $3300
    • 2 door model.


  • Contact us to order based on your size and temple requirements!
  • No installation required, comes fully assembled
  • Delivery Australia Wide


Product Information

  • We make this mandir model in many different sizes & colours as per customer requirement
  • Height, depth and interior features 100% customisable
  • Can be made as standing puja mandir or sitting puja mandir
  • Made in Sydney, Australia out of 100% local wood best for local climate conditions
  • We use Aussie pine wood/maple wood/oak wood
  • Manufacturing time frame 6-8 weeks from order to delivery
  • Brass bells and accessories available seperately


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