• Mandirs start at Minimum size: L 46cm x W 23cm x H 56cm up to Maximum size: L81cmx40WxH106cm

  • Select size, basic shape and features from our mandir designs or give us your design and we will build it

  • Prices start at AUD$800 for a custom mandir (inclusive of international shipping).Final price depends on the number of accessories you choose for your mandir, the type of wood and the level of customisation and carving detail required.


We use sustainable woods that are excellent for wood carving and furniture:​

  • Mango Wood: is an economical and sustainable wood that gives a fine carving result. It is commonly used to make a variety of handmade furniture in India. 

  • Sheesham Wood (Indian Rosewood) is popular wood for hand carving with a beautiful natural grain. It is considered the superior wood and is more expensive than mango wood.


To reduce cost some clients choose to go for 50% Wood & 50% MDF board.

  • Mango wood or Sheesham wood is used for the pillars, shikara, and facade while particle board MDF or plywood inserts are used for interior parts of the mandir like drawers, the back of the mandir and cupboards.

  • This reduces your mandir cost while presenting the beauty of real wood in the front and important parts of the mandir.


Wide range of customisation features available. Contact us and we will take your custom order.

  • Symbol carving like Om, Swastika etc behind idols

  • Shikara design preference (pyramid, flat, multi or curved shape)

  • Number of  front drawers required

  • Pull out front tray 

  • LED down lights inset into mandir roof 

  • Pillar carving design

  • Mandir side jali fretwork covered or open

  • Back open or covered/jali/fretwork

  • Front covered with jali door/full double door

  • Single layer/ double step statue idol stage

  • Marble slab top on idol stage

You can select your mandir design from our selection or send us your own design.

Once the basic design is finalised you have the option to add multiple accessories:


  • Hanging gold bells in front or side(brass/aluminium)

  • Hanging gold diyas in front or side(brass/aluminium)

  • Nandi carving or other small statue on two sides of entrance

  • Brass symbol carving like Om, Swastika etc behind idols

We offer a wide range of wood varnish finishes and wood colours. Simply choose your from:

Classic wood polish: light and dark coloured available

Natural transparent gloss varnish

Gold - gilded finish

Milk white gloss finish

Double colour finish

Click here to view full range of wood finishes available :

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