pooja mandirs australia

We manufacture wooden home temples in Sydney.

Select a design or give us your own design.

Contact to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Started in 2017, Pooja Mandirs Australia manufactures custom made wooden temples for Hindu community in Australia.

We cater to growing demand for custom wooden pooja temples, puja mandirs, pooja room doors, & puja space designs.


Every feature is a 100% customisable.

Any size, any design. Prices start from $2000.

All designs can be made as sitting or

standing puja temple.

Manufacturing in Sydney.

We deliver mandirs across Australia.

Classic Temples Collection are made in Australian solid woods ie; Pine, Maple & Oak  best for local extreme climate.

Modern Temples Collection use laminates,

veneers, laser work.

8-12 weeks from order to delivery.

A pooja mandir is a personal item according to each persons worship and beliefs.

Each mandir we make is unique.